Commercial Project

The team at Negotiis Business Advisors had 2 specific requests when they contacted us to repaint their Point Cook office: 1/ Their business branding had just been updated including a customized purple colour that is specific to their business and reflects their passion for standing out from the crowd and delivering something that is unique in their service…. And 2/ They needed custom white board painted walls.

In order to take the pantone colour and convert it to a paint colour we worked through a number of steps.

We first move through the standard colour options where we selected the 2 closest colours. We then further customized tinting ratio’s and viewed the colour created in both low sheen and mat finishes as the sheen level altered the overall finished colour. Once we had colour matched as close as possible we took the swatch back to our client to get started. All our client needed to do here was provide us with a business card for the colour match.

The white board walls were an easy application once the product was sourced our partners at Dulux Trade Centre.

Project Details and Dulux Colours

Colour: Dulux Wash and Wear Mat. Customized Formula.

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