How to Use Colour at Home

Over the past few years, there has been a shift from warm, brown-based neutrals to cooler grey-based neutrals.
While lighter neutrals continue to be a popular choice, darker tones on interior walls are increasing in popularity.
Feature walls continue to be popular, however painting the whole room in a feature colour is equally appealing.

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Loved for their ability to transcend trends and enhance any space, Dulux whites stand the test of time. They offer endless options for your home. Whether it’s a cool contemporary vibe, a beachy oasis or a warm traditional look, you’ll find your perfect white in our range.

Designer Tip
Bright rooms flooded with natural light can work well with cool whites. While warmer whites can brighten up dark or south facing rooms.

Grey & Black

Ideal for creating contemporary style and timeless colour.

Designer Tip
Grey rooms feel luxurious and spacious. It’s the perfect neutral hue to pair with white, black or other soft, neutral shades.

Neutral & Brown

Highly versatile, these natural colours suit both classic and contemporary style.

Designer Tip

Decadent and dreamy, rich browns add depth and warmth to a space.


Lighter shades of blue have calming qualities and can make a room appear larger. Darker tones offer a dramatic moood with a sophisticated edge.